It was just a normal night…

October always brings about a lot of different emotions for me. My very first seizure, 14 years ago, was on Halloween night in 2003. So, as we draw closer to Halloween each year, I think about it a lot. My memory has kind of diminished over those 14 years, a wonderful side effect of seizures and seizure medication, but I do remember that night fairly well. 

It was a Friday night, and we had gone to a Rummel football game at Tad Gormley stadium. I don’t remember who they played, and I know for a fact, that as a Sophomore in high school, I did not watch the game. Because let’s face it, I am 29 years old, and I have a hard time paying attention to football games now. Nevertheless, I do know that Rummel did win, because we were leaving that game to go to a Halloween party and celebrate. We even had some Mike’s Hard Lemonade to get the party really started (because we were hardcore, obviously).

I however, did not make it to that wild party. I had my very first seizure, at the age of 15, in my friend’s car on the way to that Halloween/football party. It was a bizarre twist of fate that my cousin ended up being in that car with me, so it didn’t take long for my mom to find out what happened. Luckily, we were weren’t far from my house either, so it didn’t take long for her to get to me.

That night changed my life forever. Nothing happened to cause my seizures; I didn’t hit my head or spike a high temperature – nothing out of the ordinary. I mean I was just trying to drink some wine coolers after a football game, but I ended up at Children’s Hospital with my mom going ape shit because she thought that someone gave me drugs. Like, it’s a little funny now, 14 years later, but in the moment I was like, 🙈 🙈 what in the world woman?? She’s such a good mom. But, I mean honestly, what would we all do without our moms?? I love you, mom!

Today my family celebrated my dad’s 61st birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!), and I was just so happy to be surrounded by my amazing family for a little while. Just having them around makes me forget that Halloween is looming. Another year of seizures. Another Halloween worried that I will have a seizure. 14 years. My neurologist says that I will have epilepsy forever, but I’ve just decided that it just can’t happen. Watch out Dr. Ramsey, I’m coming to prove you wrong!


Seizure Girl 



One thought on “It was just a normal night…

  1. I have hated Halloween ever since that night. I’ll admit it… I did have a psycho-mom episode that night and maybe a few since then. However, I hope and I pray that one day our prayers will be answered and you will be seizure free. 😍💜🎃


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