Product of the Week

Okay can I just start of by saying, how do people live without WiFi? Our WiFi has been out (thanks Cox), and I felt like I was living back in 1999 with my slow ass Verizon internet basically compatible to dial-up internet connection. The struggle was real, guys. Luckily I had a fab book club book to get me through.

ANYWAY, I have another wonderful product to share with you guys. I had been hearing about this on blogs and Whole30 Facebook groups but the name kind of turned be off because it seemed weird. BUT, people raved about it so much that I just had to give it a try.


Nutritional Yeast. I know, I know. Trader Joe’s again. I really intended to buy this product from Whole Foods, but am I the only one that gets like Whole Food’s shopping anxiety? I feel like the workers aren’t as helpful there and I end up just wandering around like a lost puppy. Just me? Oh well…

Nutritional Yeast sounds kind of nasty, but it’s actually amazing for a few reasons. In one little tablespoon it has 3 grams of protein! It’s also rich in B Vitamins, it’s vegan, and gluten-free. And, I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet – nutritional yeast has a yummy cheesy flavor! Oh yes! It is SO delicious on scrambled eggs, broccoli, and even potatoes.

This bag sells for $2.99 at Trader Joe’s so its pretty much like, why not try it? If you like cheese, and you are missing that cheese flavor goodness in your life, this won’t disappoint you!


On another note, if anyone sees the frozen mashed sweet potatoes at Trader Joe’s before I do, please holler at a girl, because I’m pretty sure all of the workers are getting sick of me asking…they may kill me soon. But it’s like, its November 7th! I need the sweet potatoes! Am I right??


Seizure Girl



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