My name is Amelia and I have suffered with epilepsy since I was 15. Now at the age of 29, I’m finally putting my foot down for the umpteenth time because I have had enough of dealing with these dang seizures.

Epilepsy has become so stigmatized that even I have a hard time talking about it sometimes (and I have been actively dealing with it for the better part of my life, how bonkers is that??) People don’t really understand it, so they just rather not ask about it, which is understandable.

From 2006 to 2017 my mom and I traveled all over the United States trying to get some answers about my seizures. We drove 3 hours from our home town of New Orleans to see holistic doctors; we flew to New York to see a neuro-endocrinologist, we saw the best epileptologist in Louisiana,  I did acupuncture, I saw medical and religious healers, I saw Chiropractors – you name it, we did it. After each new doctor, we left with a new sense of hope. Like, yes – this is the answer! The hope was always short-lived unfortunately, seizures would always inevitably strike and then the post seizure funk would set in.

So, fast forward through a few years of just having seizures and basically no one knowing why (yeah even my neurologist…he looked at me like I was an enigma because he had literally put me on every medication available, like what is really left to do?) Ahhh, sigh.

Any who, my mom had been bugging me for YEARS to try going dairy free, or gluten-free, or any kind of free to see if it would help with my seizures. I was like, um…what? Give up milk? Are you nuts?..That’s basically impossible you crazy woman! I need milk for my coffee and the lucky charms that I hide from my husband (true story)!

But then recently I got kind of hooked on this awesome blog about IBS and Chrons disease, which bizarrely led me into doing research about Whole 30. If you live under a rock and have yet to hear about the awesomeness that is Whole 30, it requires you to give up certain food groups, including ALL sugar, grains, dairy, legumes and alcohol, for 30 days with no cheats! So I talked to my husband Kevin about the potential of doing the Whole 30. He was actually on board, so I was like yaaas, this could be it!! I had done lots of research that linked gluten to seizures. So I was like this could totally be my opportunity to find out if food has been the problem ALL along.

I’ve always believed that everyone has their own journey. It’s crazy that a total stranger, and a blog about IBS and Chrons is what got me there, but giving up grains, dairy, and sugar was absolutely life changing.

My own mom couldn’t get me to do it for YEARS, but a random blog was just that little push that I needed. If I can be that little push for someone out there, that’s reason enough for me to start this blog. So Thanks Bethany, you have changed my life forever!





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