Product of the Week

Okay can I just start of by saying, how do people live without WiFi? Our WiFi has been out (thanks Cox), and I felt like I was living back in 1999 with my slow ass Verizon internet basically compatible to dial-up internet connection. The struggle was real, guys. Luckily I had a fab book club book to get me through.

ANYWAY, I have another wonderful product to share with you guys. I had been hearing about this on blogs and Whole30 Facebook groups but the name kind of turned be off because it seemed weird. BUT, people raved about it so much that I just had to give it a try.Read More »


Product of the Week

My product of this week is, of course, another Trader Joe’s gem. I do most of my grocery shopping at Costco, Trader Joe’s, and actually, Amazon; so, that is where most of my goods will come from, y’all. But without further ado: Read More »

A Guide to my Bulletproof Coffee

So when I first heard about butter coffee or bulletproof coffee, I had kind of just started my ongoing journey into the healthier world. I was like, butter? In my coffee? Seems super weird, and kind of hassle-ish because who really wants to bust out their blender or magic bullet right when waking up? I’m typically a quiet person in the morning – like don’t try talking to me too much until I’ve had my coffee. So, the idea of super loud noises happening, not ideal to this girl. But the benefits of bulletproof coffee just kept drawing me in.

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