Purple Pumpkin Project

Halloween is a pretty special holiday because it has so many fun traditions – trick or treating, dressing up, carving pumpkins, costume parties, and even more. When Kevin and I were dating,  my favorite Halloween tradition was carving pumpkins together. I would, of course, always try to carve mine better than his, because isn’t that just what you do when two naturally competitive people are in love??

But this year I won’t be carving my cute little pumpkin to compete with Kev’s; this Halloween I will be painting my pumpkin purple to raise awareness about epilepsy for the nearly 3 million people Read More »


Back to the Grind…

So if you follow me on Insta or Facebook, you know that I’ve been cruising around the Gulf of Mexico these past few days because my older brother got married on Saturday! Yayyy…Congratulations Patrick and Chris!! The wedding was so beautiful and we had so much fun.

As I was planning for the cruise, I told myself that I was going to be responsible with my meals. I mean, I wasn’t unrealistic; I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay on Whole30, so I just planned to stay semi-healthy, and not go totally bonkers. Well, I am here to tell you that I was not responsible. Like, that plan went out the metaphorical window. (Wah, insert cry face emoji, please). That 24/7 soft serve ice cream was calling my name, and the chocolate melting cake was just too good to pass up at dinner.   Y’all, I ordered two freaking desserts one night. I mean, who am I to decide between crème brûlée and chocolate melting cake…. um both, please! And I mean, I knew what I was doing. It’s basically self sabotage because uh yeah, I have a dairy sensitivity. Um, ice cream = dairy, hellooo?Read More »

He Just Loves Me Hard…

If you don’t like love, don’t read this one guys. I have to take some time to give a spotlight to my amazing hubs today. While I was working on my website I heard our wedding song and I knew that it was my sign that I needed to write about him today. I’m not usually that person to gush about how awesome he is on social media and stuff, but he is basically the bomb.com (oh yes I did say that). And it does annoy me sometimes when he asks me EVERYDAY if I took my medicine, and alwaaaays reminds me to be careful when I’m driving to the grocery down the street, but when I hear our song and I think about everything that we have been through together, its just a little reminder from God that he does it because he really, really loves me.

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A Guide to my Bulletproof Coffee

So when I first heard about butter coffee or bulletproof coffee, I had kind of just started my ongoing journey into the healthier world. I was like, butter? In my coffee? Seems super weird, and kind of hassle-ish because who really wants to bust out their blender or magic bullet right when waking up? I’m typically a quiet person in the morning – like don’t try talking to me too much until I’ve had my coffee. So, the idea of super loud noises happening, not ideal to this girl. But the benefits of bulletproof coffee just kept drawing me in.

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“Girl, you got a tattoo?”

I literally can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard the words, “I’m kind of surprised you have a tattoo.” I mean, I get it. I’m not like a rugged, tough looking girl. I’ve frequently been described as ‘basic.’ (Insert eye roll emoji.) But like, can you really be basic when you have seizures? Like, I can’t even drive myself to book club once a month. I literally just LOLed at that notion. Like, just because I enjoy a pumpkin spice candle in November and LuLaRoe leggings with potentially an over-sized sweater? But, if saying ‘totes’ and ‘obvi’ while drinking some Starbucks makes me basic, I guess guilty as charged (eye roll.)

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Why ‘Seizure Girl’?

I realize that it may seem a little strange to name my blog ‘seizure girl,’ but I can’t think of a better way to identify myself really. Ever since I was in high school I think I have always thought of myself as “the seizure girl.” I can’t remember where I was or even exactly how old I was, but I overheard someone talking about me one day in high school. So, being the ultimate eavesdropper that I am, my ears perked up and I listened to the conversation with the utmost of grace and this is what I heard: “Ohhhh, she’s the seizure girl.” Y’all. My life was forever changed. Forever.

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