Products I Like


4th & Heart Ghee


This stuff is no joke. It’s basically gold in a pretty little glass jar. Also, They have a Vanilla Bean flavor so I mean, pure heaven – especially if you put it in your bullet proof like me. It’s AMAZE. You may as well put it on auto ship from Amazon because you will def be getting it every month. Also, Ghee is dairy free and lactose free, so you don’t have to worry about it upsetting your tummy. Buy your’s here!

Vital Proteins

Another component of my bullet proof coffee everyday – Vital Proteins! I know Beef          Gelatin sounds dis-gus-ting, BUT its legit. You get 17 grams of protein in one serving of thiImage result for Vital Proteinss bad boy. So, my morning coffee gives me 17 grams of protein guys. Oh yeah…total score! Gelatin (think gel – because it kind of gels up like jello when it gets cold) has a LONG list of benefits but my favorite are that it aids in digestion and totally helps heal your gut. It also gives my bullet proof coffee a frothy/latte vibe that I totally dig since I can’t have Starbucks anymore (cry face emoji).



Organic BBQ Sauce - Tessemae's All Natural

Y’all. This is not a drill. If you see this BBQ sauce, please buy it and send it to me! This stuff is so hot that it literally is ALWAYS sold out. Kevin and I are always looking for it at Target and Whole Foods. Its  delicious and of course Whole30 approved, but idk what’s happening at Tessemae’s because they are not producing enough. Next time I see this stuff at Whole Foods, I swear I am buying approximately 10 bottles. Like Don’t even try to stop me. They also have salad dressings, ketchup, even salad kits. But like, I just want the BBQ Sauce! I also stalk their website on the reg looking for this gold, but its been to no avail. Please Tessemae’s, can you hook a girl up??


GoGo Squeez

GoGo SqueeZ Fruit & Veggiez Organic Variety Pack, 3.2 Oz, 16 CtThis one might seem a little weird, because you may be thinking, Amy…that is like, for kids. But this is totes Whole 30 compliant and they are basically delicious. So when I saw these at Costco I was like ummm, yes please! Even Kevin has totally gotten into them. They are pretty small because they are kind of designed for kids. But they are a handy little snack when you are just craving something easy peasy. Definitely a winner at our house!


French Vanilla Unsweetened (4-Pack)

It took me a while to finally order these because I think they are a little pricey. I think I looked at them on Amazon everyday while we did our Whole30, but I just couldn’t do it. $14.95 for 4? Yikes. But finally I broke down and hit that easy peasy “Buy with 1 click button.” Holy Cow, these babies are a game changer. I usually enjoy my coffee with lots of cream or milk added (I mean I am from the South), so that was one of the biggest struggles during my Whole30 journey. I’m not sure how they did it with almond milk and coconut milk (I find both to be very thin), but this creamer is SO thick and creamy delicious! Don’t let the price deter you because you won’t even use half in one cup of coffee, so four actually goes a long way. Buy your’s here! 

Farmhouse Culture

My sister started taking this product first and I really like it as well. I describe it as a very strong pickle juice taste – so if you don’t like pickles, I would def try a different flavor. The good thing about this probiotic supplement is that it is dairy free. I just put it in a little shot glass once or twice a day, easy peasy. Farmhouse Culture also has some probiotic beverages and some “chips” that are all gluten-free and dairy-free – so cool. Check out Farmhouse Culture here!


Manuka Honey

81989IXNPyL._SY679_.jpgManuka Honey kind of has like some secret special powers going on. Its list of benefits its outrageous. But, you have to be sure that your honey’s Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) is at least a 10 or greater, otherwise you are not going to be getting any of the benefits that Manuka Honey has to offer you. Check out this article for the full list of Manuka Honey’s amazing benefits: Manuka Honey’s Benefit’s. It’s flavor is one point too. I add a teaspoon every morning to my bullet proof coffee. Yummm.


Chomps 100% Grass Fed Beef Snack Jerky Sticks Whole30 Variety (Pack of 6)If you are a fan of quickie snacks like beef jerky, you have to get on Chomps. 9 grams of protein and made with 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef – total score. And they are super yummy. We usually pick them up at the counter of Trader Joe’s because they have the best price, but they only have the original flavor. So, if you want to be adventurous and try the jalapeño or cracked pepper & sea salt, you will have to hit up Amazon or their website.



DGpDyyqXoAER0QN.jpg LaCroix is a pretty popular product these days but we always have it in our fridge, so I wanted to put it on this list. I think people either love sparkling water or they are like, EW! I like it because there are so many different flavors. My favorite is the Kiwi Watermelon! Mmmm. I think the tart-ness of sparkling water turns some people off, but another good option is Hint, which is just natural flavored water. You can pretty much find LaCroix ANYWHERE, but I’ve only seen Hint at my local Rouse’s so far.


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